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Happy 2018!

New Year's Resolutions:
Obviously not all of them, but some relevant ones: have a better online presence, and reply to comments faster!

I also plan (keyword: plan) to have a monthly post so I can keep track of things. Hence, I'll try and remember to fill this in as I go...

A Grumpy New Year - [link to DW] [link to tumblr]

05/01 Working on: "Drug Dealing" and "Paintbomb" (Working title/s)
13/01: "Paintbomb" now retitled "All begins with P"

09/01 "Different Kinds of Heat" - [link to DW] [link to AO3] [link to] [link to DevART]
(I actually finished this back in August last year, but dithered over posting it.)
13/01 "All Begins with 'P'" - [link to DW] [link to AO3] [link to ffnet] [link to Tumblr] [link to devART]

Anything else?
5th Jan - I installed Disqus on my tumblr, partly to see if I could (as a practice, as I'd like to eventually install it on my website) and partly because I've never been 100% satisfied with tumblr's "commenting" system. (I guess I'm just old and prefer forums where you can actually have a conversation with someone?)

I also finally, finally got around to updating my profile on - it's been years since I touched it, and since I wrote it, have changed their linking policy and none of my links went anywhere except in a big circle back to the homepage. (Thanks,

I might make myself a "Blue AU Guest Masterpost" later, with links to the wonderful art and fiction people have sent me - they seem to disappear into all the other things I've liked by putting them into a bookmarks/favourites folder.

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